Member Posts Guidelines

Suitable subjects

  • Your Story: share your house sitting story/journey
  • Advice: articles about advice that can help other members either a homeowner or house sitter


A minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 1000 words.

Some general rules

  • Make sure any photos you provide are yours or you have rights to use those images
  • Do not link to any sites or pages
  • Do not provide any confidential or direct contact information of yourself or others.
  • Respect our Terms and Conditions

How it works

Read the guidelines above and work out whether you’d like to write an article for our blog.

Send us an email to and include the following:

Your chosen display name, profile link

Your article and a photo/s

We will read your article and inform you if acceptable or if it need to be amended. 

Once approved, we will post it to our site and inform you once done so.

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