House Sitter FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions by House Sitters

Here you can find our house sitter FAQ’s. If your still stuck, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help!

General Questions About Being a House Sitter

Our membership fee is less than most sites. Check out the membership details and cost here.

As a house sitter, you will be expected to perform agreed tasks that involve caring for a home owners property and pets. This includes taking care of all the usual daily tasks involved with running and maintaining a home such as house cleaning, garden maintenance, pool maintenance, general house security, forwarding or collecting mail, caring for pets and the occasional odd job. House sitters are expected to bring their own food and some may prefer to bring their own linen and cooking utensil. All this needs to be discussed prior to acceptance of the house sitting position.

We cannot give a 100% guarantee that you will get a house sit since it’s ultimately the home owners that choose the sitters and not us. However, you can increase your chances by making your profile attractive to home owners and by providing as much detail as possible. 

Write up your profile carefully!
When setting up your profile, make owners feel like they’d like to get to know you. Give details and describe who you are, your experiences (including pet care) what you do for a living e.g.
Make sure to upload nice clear photos that catch home owners attention.

If responding to a house sitting position, explain what you like about the home owner’s proposal and why you’d be the right person. Don’t hesitate to provide a link via your account settings page to some references document you uploaded to a third party such as eg.Dropbox, OneDrive, CloudMe. We only share the link with home owners you have contacted.

Request a FREE account verification
Requesting a free account verification will display a tick on your profile, and helps establish more trust between you and the home owner. To find out more about the free account verification, please scroll down this page to the section labelled “FREE ID Verification”

Usually house sitting positions are a “help stay” arrangement, where you take care of the home and pets in exchange for free accommodation. However, everything is negotiable with the home owner, so and it could be that a home owner may offer to pay you, however we do not have control over that. 

Usually home owners don’t expect payment of utilities for short term house sits. However, a home owner may ask you to contribute if you are on a long term assignment. All this needs to be discussed prior to acceptance of the house sitting position.
We have found that in most cases, for assignments lasting from a few days to over a few weeks, the home owner usually doesn’t expect payment for use of utilities. However some home owners may require that a small payment, especially if it’s a long term assignment. These things are negotiable between both parties.

Some home owners are happy to accommodate you and your pet. You can filter our search results to show home owners who are happy to accommodate sitters with pets.

Some home owners are happy to accommodate a family. You can filter the search results to show those who welcome families.

Registering on the site and taking up the House Sitter membership option is quick and easy. Once registered, if you paid by credit card, you are able to login to account and upload your ad immediately. Once your ad is uploaded, you may start contact home owners.

Not at all. Out site welcomes members from all over the world to join us. If you want to house sit in Australia, you’re in the right place!

References are a major advantage and are therefore a must for all house sitters. Obviously the best type of reference would be from someone you have house sat for, however even a character reference/s from people that have known you for a reasonable amount of time are acceptable. These may include your landlord (if you have rented in the past), your employer, friends or people you know with an advanced standing in the community, such as a sports coach or principle. Your reference/s can be written and or verbal, with the referrer agreeing that you can provide their phone number to home owners. 

Many home owners like to enter into an agreement with their house sitter for added security. We have made available a sample Agreement that you may like to use. You can view the sample agreement in the “House Sitting Agreement” tab on your dashboard.

Getting Started FAQ's

Get started is simple. Just head over to our membership page. You will then be directed to registration and the membership fee payment page. We use PayPal as the checkout method, so you can pay via card or directly through your PayPal account. We use PayPal’s secure online payment gateway. You don’t need to be registered with PayPal or need to be a PayPal member to be able to use your cards.

After that you can login to your account.

You will see a notice to activate your account once you have logged in. It’s important that you do this as this will activate your membership. Once that’s done you can go ahead and create your house sitter profile.

We recommend you upload your house sitter ad right away. Until you upload your ad, you cannot contact home owners. 

You do not need a police check to join our site, however many home owners request a police check if they believe that you may be suitable. To get a police check as an Australian Citizen, you can either call your local police station and fill out a form or search on line for the term “police check” or “police clearance” followed by your State. The form and copies of proof of identity, needs to be endorsed by a JP and sent off with payment to the relevant authority. The fee is around $35 to $55 depending on which state you are in. The process may be different in other countries.

Account Questions

Renewals & Membership

We don’t do automictic renewals for memberships. If you want to renew that’s up to you. If you don’t that’s fine too. 

Yes, we send 2 email reminder notices before your membership expires; one at 14 days and one at 3 days.

The credit will be carried forward onto your new membership i.e., if you were to renew today and your 12 month membership expires in 14 days, you’ll get 12 months PLUS 14 days. 

You will have limited access to your Dashboard, Messages, your profile and other functionalities. 

Also note that when you do not renew your membership, we put your profile into a “Closed Down” mode. This means your profile will not be shown in our search results and home owners will not be able to contact you.

Furthermore, any reviews you received will not be shown on your profile, as it is not live. Please do not worry about this though, as the reviews will be shown again once you republish your profile (after paying your membership fee). It’s just the way our system works.

We automictically include the link in the email sent to you right after checkout.

Please make sure to check your spam folder. Otherwise you can request a resend of the account activation link via the Membership Confirmation page, which you were redirected to after successful payment.

If you purchased a new membership, after you let your previous one expire, you will need to make your ad live again.

You will see instructions for this on your dashboard in the “House Sitter Profile” tab.


In most cases, the answer is no.
Please check our Terms & Conditions for more information. 


To change your Display, please go to the Account Settings page and change the name in the field labelled “First Name (also your Display Name)”.

You will see your profile shown in our search results and you will also see a green tick on your ad when viewed from your Dashboard in the “House Sitter Profile” tab.

Here is an example of what your profile could look like in our search results:


Calendar & Private Notes

The calendar shows the dates that are are available/booked. You can update the calendar via the Availability Calendar tab.

References & Other Documents

At this stage, we do not allow the uploading of documents directly on our site. Instead, we allow House Sitters to provide us a shareable link to the references and other relevant information they may want to share with home owners such as police clearances, photos e.g.

The link cannot be viewed by the public. It can only be viewed by home owners you have contacted. This ensures that the privacy of the referees is protected and that you have control over who sees these documents, as well as other documents such as police clearances.
However, please do keep in mind that you should have permission from referees to share their reference.

The link to your documents is shown in the top right corner of messages between you and Home Owner. This means that when you contact a home owner directly, they will be able to see the link to your documents.

When a home owners contacts you directly, you will need to reply to their message for them to be able to see the link to your documents.

Here is a screenshot of what it will look like for home owners.

To provide us with a link to your documents, you first need to upload your references to a third party provide such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, CloudMe – all of these services are free.

Then copy the shareable folder link and paste it into the “Link to References/Documents” field on your account settings page. The link will only be shown when you make first contact with a home owner or when you reply to messages from home owners. They will be a link shown in the top right corner of the message.

Here we have put together a quick guide for you:


  • Login to Dropbox
  • Upload your files
  • Leave the folder and go to your folder overview
  • Hover over the folder you would like to share and click share icon
  • If a link hasn’t been created, click Create link
  • Copy the link
  • Navigate to your Oz House Sitters account settings
  • In the “Link to References” field paste the URL you just copied.
  • Save your account settings

Microsoft OneDrive

  • Login to OneDrive
  • Upload your files
  • Select the folder you want to share, and then select Share
  • Select Get a link
  • Click the ‘Copy link’ text
  • Navigate to your Oz House Sitters account settings
  • In the “Link to References” field paste the URL you just copied.
  • Save your account settings


  • Login to CloudMe
  • Upload your files
  • Click on the folder you want to share
  • Click the ‘Share’ button
  • Click the ‘Copy link’ button
  • Navigate to your Oz House Sitters account settings
  • In the “Link to References” field paste the URL you just copied.
  • Save your account settings

Google Drive

  • Login to Google Drive
  • Upload your files
  • Click the folder you want to share.
  • Click Share .
  • Click on the ‘Get Shareable link’ button (it should turn green)
  • Click the grey ‘Copy link’ button
  • Navigate to your Oz House Sitters account settings
  • In the “Link to References” field paste the URL you just copied.
  • Save your account settings

A tick will be shown on your profile in the search results.

Additionally, the below message will be shown directly on your profile:

Please login to your home owner account to contact house sitters and view their references/documents. If you do not have an account, please sign up here.

FREE ID Verification

Offering free verification checks for house sitters helps us build more trust amongst our home owner members. Verification gives the home owner extra peace of mind when searching our site for a suitable house sitter.

The green tick will display on your profile when verified. 

How do I apply to get my ID verified?

From your Dashboard in the “My Public Profile” tab you will be able to see an orange link labelled “Request Free ID Verification”. Upon clicking on this link, a pop up will appear with more information about the verification process and a form to upload your Photo ID. 

Below is a screenshot for your reference. 

The verification process

You will need to upload one acceptable form of Photo ID. 

This will be examined by a website moderator. The Photo ID you upload for your verification request is automatically deleted from the server as soon as the moderator validates it. No Photo ID is kept after the moderation process. It is immediately deleted from our records. 

We will notify you via email of the outcome of your verification request.

If approved, a ID Verified Badge will be shown on your Profile. To see what it looks like, you can view a sample here.

If declined, you may come back here and restart the verification process below. 

We aim to process requests within 48 hours.

Acceptable forms of Photo ID include:
– Drivers Licence
– Passport
– Proof of Age Card
– Australia Post Keypass identity card

Please check our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions for any concerns. 

Absolutely. Your Photo ID is stored securely upon upload. Nobody will be able to access your file except for the site administrator.  

Photo ID is only used internally for Identity Verification.

Offering free verification checks for house sitters helps us build more trust amongst our home owner members. Verification gives the home owner extra peace of mind when searching our site for a suitable house sitter.

Messaging System

After registering, paying the membership fee, activating your account, and uploading your ad you will see a messaging area at the bottom of each home owners ad which you can use to contact them.  

You can access your message box via your dashboard, or by going directly to the Messages page.
By default, only the inbox is shown, you can click the drop down box to view your other folders, such as sent, read, unread and archive.

Yes, you can delete your messages. Please note that once deleted these messages cannot be retrieved. 

A tick icon along with the text “Seen” is shown on messages where the recipient has clicked on and seen your message.

Please go to your message box settings, uncheck the “Email me when I get new messages?” box and click save.

House Sit Invitation/Confirmation System

Here you can see and manage pending/confirmed and cancelled House Sits.

A Home Owner can send you an invitation to confirm the House Sit by clicking the “Submit invitation to confirm House Sit” button in the conversation between you and the Home Owner. 

Once submitted, we will send you an email and you may take action below by either accepting or declining the invitation via your My House Sitting Assignments tab. 

Confirming a House Sit enables the Home Owner to leave you a review after the House Sit has been completed.

If the Home Owner forgot to confirm the House Sit before it started, that’s fine. Simply ask them to send an invitation and we will inform them of the rest of the process.

To keep our site working efficiently and help reduce the load on our servers, we do NOT store/keep any confirmed/pending House Sits that are more than 2 years old.

Please note that confirming a House Sit does not automatically update your calendar. You will need to do this yourself. 


Yes. Home owners can leave house sitters a review as long the house sitter has accepted the House Sit. Please see the above tab for more information.

Yes. You may request a review for a confirmed and completed house sit. A request can be sent via your My House Sitting Assignments tab.

When I home owner leaves you a review, you will receive an email notification with the details of the review and ratings.

You can then go to your Review Manager tab and accept or decline the review. Upon accepting the review, it will be shown on your profile. 

We don’t allow sitters or homeowners to post public critical & uncomplimentary remarks about each other. 

On rare occasions there are very unreasonable homeowners and house sitters who don’t fulfil their side of the agreement.

If you are in an unfortunate situation where you find yourself in such a dilemma, we ask that you send you complaint to use directly along with true, clear factual and unemotional evidence and in dot point form. Please include the username of the other member!.
We will listen to both sides of the story and will take appropriate action from there. In any extreme cases or where we are aware that there have been multiple complains against a single member, we will ban that member from our site.
We recommend both sides sign the a House sitting Agreement, to avoid any misunderstandings. You may find out sample Housesitting Agreement via the “Sample Agreement” tab on your dashboard.

Daily Email Alerts

You can subscribe to receive email alerts of new/updated house sitting positions in a state or states of your choice.
To get started, simply tick the locations of interest on the daily email alerts page.
To unsubscribe from a state/states simply tick the “Remove” checkbox.

Note that for each state, we will send a separate email. If you would like to be notified about house sits in ALL Australia, simply check the “All Australia” checkbox. We will then just send one email with all the new house sits. 

They are sent automatically at 4.00am Australian Central Standard Time

If you are seeing the same house sit in your email alerts, it means the house sit has been updated with new details such as different dates. 


When a home owner posts a job, it’s up to the home owner to manage that job posting and applicants. Once they find someone, they can either close their job posting to any new applications, delete their listing entirely, or they can let the job posting expire on its own.

Positions that are closed to new applications will show a “Closed” badge in search results and will also show a note on the actual listing page.

Positions are automatically removed from our search results once they have started. 

Please note that Oz House Sitters is simply an online meeting platform where home owners can post a job and house sitters can apply for that job. We don’t know the home owners on the site or get directly involved in their hiring practice, so we have no way of knowing whether or not they have filled a particular position. We understand this can be frustrating at times, and we’re working on ways to create a better job search in the future!

Yes, but you’ll need to do this with a new account, including a different username and different email address. Once you’ve logged out of your house sitter account, you can head over to the home owner registration page to get started. We advise you to read the getting started guide and the FAQ’s.

Only home owners with an active house sitting assignment can contact you via your profile.

You can request to have your account deleted via our contact form in the “Help” tab on your Dashboard.

Please note that when deleting an account, all your information will be deleted and is non retrievable. This includes your profile, reviews, calendar dates, shortlists etc. 

Please read our Terms and Conditions for information about our refund policy.

Deleting of an account has no grounds for a refund!

Yes, but you’ll need to do this with a new account, including a different username and different email address. Once you’ve logged out of your house sitter account, you can head over to the Affiliate Program page to get started. 

We take all complaints seriously and members are required to take their agreed responsibilities seriously. We recommend both home owner and house sitter sign a House sitting Agreement (see our sample house sitting agreement via your Dashboard). This way everything is clear from the beginning and misunderstandings are avoided. 

In the rare and unfortunate case of a negative experience, please lodge a complaint with us directly. This can be done the Contact Form.

We ask that complaints be sent to us that are factual and unemotional. We hear both sides and take appropriate action from there – including banning a home owner or house sitter from the site.

We reserve the right to ban members from our site, should we feel it is in the best interests of our other members.

For any serious complaints, we advise you to contact police or a relevant authorities, in addition to notifying us. 
Serious complaints include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Physical Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Mental Abuse
  • Theft of Property
  • Mistreatment & Abuse of Animals
  • Misuse of Property

Please make sure you whitelist our email addresses:

Please also make sure to check all folders such as spam, junk, promotion or social folders.

Sometimes caching and timeouts prevent your edits/changes from saving properly. If this is the case, you’ll have to re-edit your profile. Sorry!

Please go to the “My Account” tab on your Dashboard. From there you will see the “Change Password” link.

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