Home Owner FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions by Home Owners

Here you can find our home owner FAQ’s. If your still stuck, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help!

General Questions About Having a House Sitter

It’s FREE for home owners to join. All we ask of you is to upload your ad (this is required if you wish to communicate with house sitters) and let us know once you have found a sitter.

Although you can browse and search house sitters on Oz House Sitters, we believe it is much more efficient to post an Assignment for your housesit online.

We send out daily email alerts to House Sitters. Those who are available, eager and willing to apply for your house sitting position, will visit your profile and contact you via our internal messaging system

Additionally, we post some assignments to our social media channels to spread the word that you are looking for a house sitter.


We cannot give a 100% guarantee that you will get a house sitter, because ultimately it’s the house sitters that choose the assignment and not us. However, you can increase your chances by making your listing attractive to house sitters and provided as much detail as possible. 

The majority of house sitters do not charge for their services and are more than happy to sit in exchange for free accommodation.

We instruct all House Sitter that do charge a fee for their service to make this very clear in their profile.

The majority of the times, home owners let house sitters stay for free in exchange for looking after their property and pets. However there may be times where a home owner will ask a house sitter to pay a weekly contribution to cover some costs such as utilities. These details are negotiable between the two parties and should be discussed prior to confirming the house sit.

Please note that Oz House Sitters does not allow home owners to list properties for rent and such ads will be removed. 

A house sitter will perform agreed tasks that involve caring for your property and pets. This includes taking care of all the usual daily tasks involved with running and maintaining a home such as house cleaning, garden maintenance, pool maintenance, general house security, forwarding or collecting mail, caring for pets and the occasional odd job. This means you can rest assured that you home is not empty and unsecured, and your pets are well looked after whilst you are away.
All tasks required should be discussed directly with the house sitter prior to the start of the assignment.

We recommend you obtain the right level of home and contents insurance. If you already have insurance, it’s a good idea to let the insurance company know that you will be away and be having an unpaid house sitter live in your home. Please also check the terms and conditions of you home and contents policy, as house sitters are guests and different conditions may apply. It’s good to let the sitter know in the case where their possessions are not covered.

Usually home owners don’t expect payment of utilities for short term house sits. However, if you are posting a long term assignment, it may be an appropriate option. All this needs to be discussed prior to the assignment and with the house sitter.

This doesn’t matter as the time-frame is entirely up to you. Although, it may be easier to find a sitter for a shorter house sit period such as 1-2 weeks.

Many home owners like to enter into an agreement with their house sitter for added security. We have made available a sample Agreement that you may like to use. You can view the sample agreement in the “House Sitting Agreement” tab on your dashboard.

Requesting a bond from your house sitter is quite common and certainly not a bad idea. The amount and where it is deposited until your return should be negotiated between you and the house sitter.

This doesn’t matter and can be discussed with the house sitter prior to the start of the assignment. 

Cancellations do happen. Should the cancellation be unavoidable (such as a cancellation due to death or illness) contact should be made as quickly as possible with the home owner/house sitter. We advise house sitters not to buy tickets for their transportation until a firm agreement has been reached.

Cancelling a house sit without good cause and without reasonable notice is in our eyes deemed unacceptable. In cases where this occurs, please let us known immediately and we will investigate further whether it is appropriate to ban that member from our site.



Before you choose your house sitter, we strongly recommended you verify the references the house sitter has supplied in their shareable link. House sitters can choose to share their references/other documents via a shareable link, which is displayed in the messages between you and the house sitter. 

Contacting references will not only validate information house sitters have given you. We strongly recommend you speak with at least two references.

It’s a good idea to start by sending them an email or text message, but be sure to connect directly too. Speaking to the references over the phone and hearing their voice, tone, and what they share in the conversation can be very helpful.

From a blocked drain, suddenly broken water pipe to something as unforeseeable as cyclone damage, having a house sitter means that such emergency repairs, as well as maintenance, can be dealt with promptly.

PLEASE provide your house sitter with a list of local emergency contacts, including but not limited to the following:

– trusted friend/family member who is available whilst you are away
– local doctor
– dentist
– ambulance service
– vet and other pet related contacts (groomers, trainers etc.)
– service providers
– police
– fire department
– neighbours
– taxis

Security camera must be disclosed to the house sitter.

No. Oz House Sitters does not vet or screen it’s members. We ONLY provide a meeting place for house sitters and homeowners.

It’s up to you (the home owner) to ask for and check a house sitters references, police clearances etc. We recommended you verify at least 2 references.

Please be sure to check references and do your ‘due diligence’. It’s a good idea to start by sending them an email or text message, but be sure to connect directly too. Speaking to the references over the phone and hearing their voice, tone, and what they share in conversation, can be very helpful.

Many sitters have references and police checks available and will state so on their profile. 

Some house sitters have provided a shareable link to their documents (via their account settings), and that link will automatically be shown in the messages between you and the house sitter.

People of all shapes, sizes, ages and races choose to house sit for a variety of reasons. Many do it whilst travelling, to meet new people and explore new places. Others do it to save money on rent. 

However, what they generally all have in common is a love of caring for animals and taking care of peoples homes in exchange for the unique opportunities that house sitting provides them with.

Home Owner Registration/Membership Questions

Getting started is simple. Just head over to our registration page and fill out the membership/registration form. Upon submission you will receive an activation email with a link to activate your account. Once you have clicked on the link in this email, you will gain full access to your account and can upload your house sitting assignment (which is required if you want to contact house sitters). 

You can register on our site, but you will need to upload a home owner ad if you wish to get in touch with house sitters. 

Please check your spam folders and other folders such as junk mail, promotions, social. Etc.
You can click the “Resend” link on your dashboard page. Please note that only the most recent email will contain the correct link to activate your account. If you click on an older email, the activation link will fail. 
If you still haven’t found the activation email, you can send as an email and we will resend you the link. Our email is: admin@ozhousesitters.com.au

Home Owner Account Questions

Listing/Ad Management

No. We only ever allow you to have one ad. You can edit this ad at any time via your dashboard, under the “My House Sitting Assignment” tab and edit to reflect any changes/updates. Your ad will show in our search results if the “Start Date” of the house sitting assignment is the current date or in the future.

Both new and updated house sitting assignments will be included in our daily email alerts. 

Your assignment listing should descriptive of the house sitting opportunity you are offering.

You’ll have a step-by-step form to fill out, which guides you in creating your online Assignment. You will be able to cover a variety of details such as dates, location, property, pet care and responsibilities.

Keep in mind that sitters are providing their services in exchange for a free place to stay, so make sure you provide as much information as possible.

Yes. House sitting assignments will be posted on our social media channels. This enables us to further spread that word that you are seeking a house sitter. 

Our system will post listings on a daily basis at certain times during the day, so it may be that your listing is not shared immediately. 


Yes! House sitters who have chosen to be notified of house sitting assignments in your area will be sent an email notification.

To change your display name, please go to the Account Settings page and change the name in the field labelled “First Name (also your Display name)”.

The details you provide in your ad, as well as your Display Name and your username will be visible to all users. Only house sitters can message you directly. It’s up to you whether you want to share any personal information with house sitters via our messaging system.

Please click the “Mark as Closed” option on your listing via your dashboard. This will close your ad to new applications.


We will move your assignment/listing into a “Closed” status. You may republish the ad whenever you need to or delete it if you feel there is no point keeping it on our site. 

Yes, you can delete you ad at any time. However, please keep in mind that once you ad is deleted, you will not be unable to contact NEW house sitters.

A good way to keep the content of your ad is the save it in a word or notepad file, that way when you upload a new assignment, you can just copy and past most of the information 🙂

Verified House Sitters

We offer free ID checks for our house sitter members.

The Photo ID document a house sitter provides us is examined by a website moderator (not a third party provider). 

If approved, a ID Verified Badge will be shown on the House Sitters profile, in the top right corner.
To see what it looks like, you can view a sample here:

Viewing House Sitter References and Documentation

We allow House Sitter to provide us a link to the references and other relevant information they may want to share with home owners such as police clearances, photos e.g.

The link cannot be viewed by the public. It can only be viewed by home owners that the house sitter has contacted or replied to. This ensures that the privacy of the referees is better protected and that the house sitter has control over who see’s their documents. 

The link to the documents is shown in the top right corner of messages between you and House Sitter.

Some things to keep in mind:
– If you start a conversation with the house sitter, you will not be able to see the link to their documents until they reply to your message.

– When a house sitter contacts you directly, you will immediately be able to see the link to their documents.

– If you do not see the link after following the above, it means that the house sitter has not supplied us a link to their documents. 

Here’s a screenshot of of what the link looks like:


Messaging System

The conversation limit for Home Owners is 100. When you go over this limit, you may still reply to conversations initiated by house sitters (future or past) or conversations you initiated before you went over the limit.

House Sitters can still start a new conversation with you even if you go over the limit. So don’t worry about losing out on potential applicants, as their messages can still come through and you can still respond to their messages.

However, YOU will not be able to create a new conversation by contacting a house sitter directly via their profile.

It’s highly recommend you delete any conversation that you no longer need.

After uploading your ad, you can see a messaging area on each house sitter ad which you can use to contact that house sitter. You can access your inbox via your dashboard or from the main menu.

Only house sitters can send you messages.

You can access your message box via your dashboard, or by going directly to the Messages page.
By default, only the inbox is shown, you can click the drop down box to view your other folders, such as sent, read, unread and archive.

Yes, you can delete your messages. Please note that once deleted these messages cannot be retrieved. 

A tick icon along with the text “Seen” is shown on messages where the recipient has clicked on and seen your message.

Please go to your message box settings, uncheck the “Email me when I get new messages?” box and click save.

House Sit Invitations/Confirmed House Sitters

Our system allows you to see House Sitters who have confirmed a House Sit with you and also allows you to leave them a review.

To keep our site working efficiently and help reduce the load on our servers, we do NOT store/keep any confirmed/pending House Sits that are more than 2 years old.

After the House Sitter accepts your invitation, please close your assignment to new applications.  

For more information please check your Confirmed House Sitters page.


Great to hear that you had a positive experience and yes, you can leave a positive review for a Confirmed House Sitter. Please visit the Confirmed House Sitters page.

When writing a review for a House Sitter, make sure to mention what in particular were you happy about with their services as a house and pet sitter and also why you would engage with them again. 

It’s important to remember that Reviews must always:

– Focus on facts, not emotion
– Be respectful and polite
– Contain positive and structured feedback
– Be carefully considered
– Relate only to the house and pet sit

Reviews must always be given in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

No, we don’t offer this at the moment. Sorry!

No, we don’t allow that, unless you have a very good reason for it.

House Sitters are responsible to manage the reviews they receive. In the rare case that your review was declined and you feel that this was a wrong decision, please contact us ASAP or consult with the House Sitter directly as to why they disapproved of your review.

Please keep in mind we do not allow members to publish uncomplimentary and critical remarks about one another.

In the rare case that there is a dispute between both Home Owner and House Sitter, we urge the Home Owner/House Sitter to contact us and lodge a complaint via our contact form.

We take the appropriate action from there, which may include banning a member from our platform.

In the “Reviews” tab on your Dashboard. Please note that only published reviews are shown here, not pending reviews.

You’ll see a confirmation message on the screen. We will also send you a confirmation email. You will receive a follow up email when the status of your review is changed to approved or declined. Approved reviews can be seen in the “Reviews” tab on your Dashboard.

In the rare case that this might happen, it’s because you still have a pending review or pending invite for/to that House Sitter.

The only way to solve this issues is to: 

1. Check that you have no pending invite to the sitter, and if you do either cancel or ask the House Sitter to accept it.

2. If you remember previously reviewing the house sitter, it could be that they didn’t accept/approve of your review and just left it pending/didn’t decline it. You’ll need to ask the House Sitter to either accept or decline that review.

Once you’ve done that you should be able to leave your House Sitter a review.



On rare occasions there are very unreasonable homeowners and house sitters who don’t fulfil their side of the agreement.

If you are in an unfortunate situation where you find yourself in such a dilemma, we ask that you send you complaint to use directly along with true, clear factual and unemotional evidence and in dot point form. Please include the username of the other member!.
We will listen to both sides of the story and will take appropriate action from there. In any extreme cases or where we are aware that there have been multiple complains against a single member, we will ban that member from our site.
We recommend both sides sign the a House sitting Agreement, to avoid any misunderstandings. You may find out sample Housesitting Agreement via the “Sample Agreement” tab on your dashboard.

We take all complaints seriously and members are required to take their agreed responsibilities seriously. We recommend both home owner and house sitter sign a House sitting Agreement (see our sample house sitting agreement via your Dashboard). This way everything is clear from the beginning and misunderstandings are avoided. 

In the rare and unfortunate case of a negative experience, please lodge a complaint with us directly. This can be done via our main Contact Form.

We ask that complaints be sent to us that are factual and unemotional. We hear both sides and take appropriate action from there – including banning a home owner or house sitter from the site.

We reserve the right to ban members from our site without prior notice.

For any serious complaints, we advise you to contact police or a relevant authorities, in addition to notifying us. 
Serious complaints include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Physical Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Mental Abuse
  • Theft of Property
  • Mistreatment & Abuse of Animals
  • Misuse of Property
  • Providing false information

Other Account Questions

The details you provide in your ad, as well as your Display Name and your username will be visible to all users. Only house sitters can message you directly. It’s up to you whether you want to share any personal information with house sitters via our messaging system.

Contact us to have your account deleted.

Please note that by deleting an account, all your information will be deleted and is non retrievable. This includes content assigned to you, such as your ad, confirmed House Sitters, messages & shortlists.

Of course, but you will need to create a separate account with a different email & username. Log out of your current account and then go to the Membership page to get started.

Yes, but you will need to do this with a different account. Please logout of your current home owner account and then go to the Affiliate Program page to apply.

Please make sure you whitelist our email addresses:
– info@ozhousesitters.com.au
– admin@ozhousesitters.com.au

Please also make sure to check all folders such as spam, junk, promotion or social folders.

Sometimes caching and timeouts prevent your edits/changes from saving properly. If this is the case, you’ll have to re-edit your profile. Sorry!

Please go to the “My Account” tab on your Dashboard. From there you will see the “Change Password” link.

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