Security Notice

Staying Safe on Oz House Sitters

Being an online community, Oz House Sitters will always be at threat of criminal activity, particularly and one of the most common scams, being those who to try to gain money by deception. 

Thankfully with some common sense you can reduce and eliminate the risk of getting scammed. Here are some of the things we recommend you do:

1. Don’t just send money to someone without proper agreements in place. 

If you get in touch with a user and they request money or sounds like a scam, please don’t send them any money.

But do keep in mind that it is perfectly normal for home owners requesting house sitter to pay a refundable deposit and this should be discussed in private, face to face and with a written agreement in place (signed by both parties). You can view a sample House Sitting Agreement via your Dashboard.

2. Don’t just share any sensitive personal information with a user.
It’s best if you don’t share your address, last name or other personal information unless you feel you are the right match and agree that you are happy to go ahead with the house sit.

3. Report any suspicion activity
Please let us know of any suspicious activity on our site and we will deal with them accordingly.

4. Get Informed

For expert advice about staying safe online, see the Australian government website

5. Read our Privacy Policy & Terms & Conditions of Use
Privacy Policy & Terms & Conditions of Use